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Unleash the joy of play in your community

Create safe, engaging outdoor spaces that bring people together and inspire active, healthy lifestyles for all ages with SurePlay.

Our products & solutions Everything you need to create welcoming outdoor play spaces 

From wheelchair-accessible safety surfacing for your school playground to picnic tables and pavilions for municipal parks, we offer a wide range of durable, commercial equipment to fit your needs and budget.


Commercial play equipment

Commercial play equipment

Unleash boundless fun with our commercial playground equipment that is thoughtfully designed, inclusive, safe, and accessible, fostering a sense of belonging and joy for all abilities and ages 

Water parks & splash pads

Water parks & splash pads

Beat the heat with water parks and splash pads, offering endless adventure, safe environments, and opportunities for children, caregivers, and communities to make a splash

Site amenities & park furnishings

Site amenities & park furnishings

Enhance your outdoor spaces with stylish and durable site amenities and park furnishings, creating inviting and functional environments 



Discover the perfect blend of comfort and protection with our elegant sun shades.

Pavilions, gazebos, & shelters

Pavilions, gazebos, & shelters

Provide welcome relief from the elements with our pavilions, gazebos, and shelters.

Fitness & sport equipment

Fitness & sport equipment

Transform your outdoor areas into dynamic fitness hubs with cutting-edge indoor and outdoor fitness and sport equipment, promoting active lifestyles and community wellness

Dog park equipment

Dog park equipment

Create a canine paradise with  innovative dog park equipment, offering engaging play elements and durable designs to keep tails wagging 

Playground Safety Surfacing

Playground Safety Surfacing

Prioritize safety without compromising style with SurePlay’s poured-in-rubber safety surfacing, providing a cushioned and attractive foundation for play areas

Sports flooring & color coating

Sports flooring & color coating

Elevate your game with high-performance sports flooring and vibrant color coating options, delivering superior durability and visual appeal to athletic facilities

A trusted partner in play Empowering communities through innovative recreational solutions

At SurePlay, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive, top-quality products and solutions for building inclusive, accessible, and inviting playgrounds, parks, and recreational areas that cater to all ages and abilities. With over 20 years of experience, our expert team specializes in commercial playground equipment, safety surfacing, park amenities, fitness equipment, shelters, shades, and more — and we’re ready to combine creativity and safety to find your perfect product!

Who we work with 
Transforming outdoor spaces for a diverse range of customers

Whether you're looking to create a fun-filled environment for daycares, a relaxing oasis for campgrounds, or an engaging space for furry friends, our extensive product line brings every community’s unique vision to life.

Schools and educational institutions

Inspire young minds and foster physical development with innovative playground equipment designed to create stimulating learning environments that encourage exploration and growth

Daycare and childcare centers

Create a safe and engaging play space for infants, toddlers, and older children with age-appropriate equipment, featuring climbing structures, dramatic play areas, trike tracks, and weather exploration stations

Dog parks and pet-friendly spaces

Provide a fun and safe environment with easy-to-clean, stable, and engaging dog park play equipment, complemented by dog-themed benches, trash receptacles, sun shades, and water fountains

Rest areas and travel plazas

Offer travelers a break with inviting and functional rest-stop amenities, including picnic areas, grill stations, fitness areas, secure bike racks, and a wide selection of commercial outdoor furniture

Apartment complexes and neighborhoods

Enhance the character and appeal of your housing development with  playground environments, shades, shelters, picnic areas, grill stations, and fitness areas, catering to all residents

Campgrounds and RV parks

Complete the look and comfort of your campsite with an extensive selection of standard park grills, benches, tables, trash receptacles, commercial bike racks, shades, and shelters

Museums and cultural centers

Integrate imaginative play spaces into your exhibitions, both inside and outside, with customizable themed equipment, ranging from space and transportation to seaside and western town designs

Municipal parks and public spaces

Transform your public spaces into vibrant recreational hubs with sports facilities, bandshells, playgrounds, game tables, picnic areas, comfortable seating, water parks, shade, dog parks, and cycling trails

Sports facilities

Elevate your sports facilities with bleachers, shades, a full range of sports amenities, outdoor sports equipment, and high-quality athletic flooring and surfaces

Our parent company
How we work with Picerno-Giordano Construction

We are a family-owned business that prides itself on providing equipment for safe, beautiful, and affordable recreational spaces. Here’s how our parent company takes our products and turns them into playgrounds and parks. 


Every great project starts somewhere. Our team can design your entire space to meet all your specifications, site specific needs, as well as building and city codes.

Demolition, grading, and excavation

After designing and finalizing your order, Picerno Giordano evaluates your site and recommends the appropriate scope of construction work — then gets to business, so your space is ready for equipment installation


No matter what your outdoor space needs — safety surfacing, play equipment, benches, pavilions, sun shades, water park or a splash pad, etc.  — Picerno Giordano’s experienced crew will install with safety and all regulations in mind. 

Our manufacturers  
Take a look at the companies that help us create your perfect equipment

Let’s bring your space to life Ready to build an unforgettable outdoor experience?

Our certified playground, park, and recreational experts are excited to discuss your product needs. It’s time to equip the outdoor destination of your dreams!