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For over two decades, SurePlay has served communities across the United States, bringing our New Jersey charm and expertise to every playground, park, and outdoor project. 

About us Discover the SurePlay difference

Our passionate team of fun-loving experts is committed to helping you create innovative, inclusive, and downright awesome playgrounds, parks, and other outdoor spaces. 

How? Our superior quality, customer service, and the understanding that playgrounds and outdoor spaces are much more than just structures — they're places where children and adults can explore, build social skills, foster relationships, and develop cognitive and motor skills.

When you work with SurePlay, you can expect:

  • Designs tailored to your target age group, location, or recreational goals
  • A wide selection of equipment and amenities that meet all safety standards, provide functionality, and satisfy your specifications.
  • The expertise of our certified staff, who are committed to safety and creativity
  • Custom logos, colors, designs, and 3D renderings 

Our why Where play and outdoor fun meets purpose

We're more than just a playground and recreational solutions provider — we're mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, and uncles. We're dedicated to creating inclusive, engaging, and transformative outdoor spaces that can change lives and strengthen communities for our families and yours.

When you choose SurePlay for your equipment and other needs, you're investing in:

  • Inclusive, accessible environments that encourage children, adults, and families to experience the benefits of playing together, regardless of their age or physical and cognitive abilities
  • The transformative power of parks and playgrounds to bring people together, promote health and safety, and enhance a community’s aesthetic and economic value
  • Every child's right to play, supported by a selection of accessible products, most notably our flagship safety surfacing that provides unlimited accessibility for all children and caregivers
  • Expertise in outdoor spaces that not only provide fun and recreation but also foster resilience, empathy, and a sense of belonging


Our Partnership with Where Angels Play

Our collaboration with the Where Angels Play Foundation is an honor for Picerno-Giordano Construction and our staff. 

This remarkable organization was founded by Bill Lavin, “turning tragedy into triumph” his mantra, born out of Super Storm Sandy and Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedies. 

Our contributions to Where Angels Play include:

  • Custom design with personal touches for each project
  • Equipment and surfacing materials offered at our company cost
  • On-site supervision and installation for every project by Rich and Toni Picerno

We are honored to help construct these beautiful playgrounds across the United States and beyond.

Where Angels Play is the heart of our company and family.  

Partner with us to find the right products for your space
Let’s work together to turn your vision into a stunning playground, park, or recreational area.