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Dive into our comprehensive range of high-quality, durable, customizable playground equipment, water park attractions, pour-in-rubber safety surfacing, site amenities, and more.

Commercial Play EquipmentMake play happen with commercial playground and aquatic equipment

We design safe, exciting, innovative play spaces tailored to your community's unique needs.

  • Age-appropriate commercial playground equipment for infants through school-age children
  • Inclusive designs ensuring every community member can enjoy the space
  • Customizable components like slides, climbers, and ladders to achieve your play and learning goals
  • Outdoor classroom extensions with educational play areas and commercial outdoor furniture
  • Infant and toddler spaces that stimulate learning and exploration
  • Engaging features for older children, such as climbing structures, dramatic play spaces, trike tracks, and weather exploration stations
  • Standalone structures, accessible and inclusive playground structures, and themed playscapes
  • Enduring, beneficial play experiences that cater to all ages and abilities

Water parks & Splash PadsBeat the heat with water parks and splash pads

Water parks and splash pads, offer endless adventure, safe environments, and opportunities for children, caregivers, and communities to make a splash. 

  • Expert installation of numerous brands of commercial water park equipment. 
  • Spray parks and splash pads meeting the highest industry standards for design, materials, and craftsmanship.
  • Large scale custom water parks as well as small splash pads, operating as either water to waste systems or recirculating filtration systems. 

SITE AMENITIES & Park Furnishings Enhance your outdoor area with a diverse range of furnishings

SurePlay provides a wide selection of site amenities that add character, functionality, and safety to your recreational space.

  • Commercial benches: Comfortable seating for parks, campuses, bus stops, and businesses, available in various styles and with optional customization
  • Bleachers: Elevated, non-elevated, low-rise, and transportable options for schools, community sporting fields, and pools, with specialty bleacher shades for sun and rain protection
  • Park grills: Sturdy designs perfect for pools, municipal parks, and outdoor dining areas when paired with commercial picnic tables
  • Commercial bike racks: Standard bike loops and novelty designs in various colors and mounting options, ideal for parks and universities
  • Dog park amenities: Popular additions to recreational spaces, featuring benches and trash receptacles with optional dog paw or bone designs
  • Signs: Standard to fully customizable designs to welcome patrons and distinguish between specific areas of your park or playground
  • Storage solutions: Cabinets, storage benches, and buildings to safeguard and organize equipment
  • Tables: Diverse frame styles, shapes, metal designs, accessories, and colors to create the perfect plan for parks, outdoor patios, and more
  • Trash receptacles and ash urns: Stylish and functional essentials that complement our tables and benches, with optional custom logo branding
  • Umbrellas: Commercial-grade options in various designs, styles, colors, and installation methods for picnic tables, benches, and patios

 SunSHADESEnjoy outdoor comfort with our shade solutions

We help provide cover for virtually any outdoor location with a range of commercial and standard shades. Our products are strong, block up to 99% of UV rays, and meet all building codes.

  • Umbrellas: Standard and specialized designs in various shapes, fabrics, and colors for commercial applications
  • Cabanas: Spacious, elegant, and durable options for resorts and hotels, perfect for generating rental revenue
  • Cantilever Shades: Minimum posts with maximum shade for zoos, dugouts, golf courses, bus stops, and bleachers
  • Hip Ends: Versatile and economical single or multi-dome designs for schools, parks, play areas, and parking lots
  • Modular Shades: Wide array of shapes and colors to enhance new or existing play structures and swings
  • Sails: Creative and customizable shapes for unique structures with ample coverage in both large and small areas

Pavilions, Gazebos & SheltersCreate visual appeal with shelters, gazebos, and pavilions 

With decades of experience building structures for municipal parks, schools, housing markets, and resorts, we have the knowledge and resources for functional and beautiful shelters.

  • Durable and versatile steel shelters for various outdoor settings
  • Elegant and timeless gazebos for parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces
  • Eye-catching kiosks for information, tickets, or concessions
  • Compact mini-shelters for smaller spaces
  • Pavilions for outdoor concerts, productions, or events
  • Decorative trellises and other functional structures 

FITNESS AND SPORT EQUIPMENTImprove fitness and sports facilities with quality products 

SurePlay offers a comprehensive range of fitness and sports equipment designed for both children and adults. Our products are suitable for interior fitness spaces and outdoor park settings, ensuring that everyone in your community has access to tools that promote health and wellness.

  • Outdoor equipment for cardio, strength training, balance, and flexibility
  • Indoor fitness equipment for gyms, schools, and community centers 
  • Sporting equipment including, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and more!

DOG PARK EQUIPMENTGiving dogs the outdoor play experience they deserve 

At SurePlay, we use only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create dog park equipment that is safe and secure for dogs of all sizes. 

  • Agility obstacles like tunnels, ramps, and bridges
  • Play structures such as platforms and climbers
  • Sand pits and digging areas
  • Seating area for pet owners and relaxation areas for dogs

Playground Safety SurfacingProvide a safe, fun play and outdoor experience

We understand that safety is the top priority when it comes to play and recreational areas, which is why our solutions are the premier safety surfacing for playgrounds, water parks, and fitness areas.

  • SurePour Poured-in Place-Rubber:
    • Seamless and slip-resistant surface
    • Non-flammable and wheelchair accessible
    • Customizable colors and designs
    • Ideal for playgrounds and fitness areas
  • SureTurf Synthetic Grass:
    • Multi-layer, state-of-the-art artificial turf
    • Realistic look and feel of natural grass
    • Durable and low-maintenance
    • Perfect for play areas and landscaping
  • SureTracks:
    • Single-layer, multipurpose sports flooring system
    • Shock-absorbing and slip-resistant
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  • AquaPour:
    • All-weather, water-permeable surface
    • Textured for added safety and traction
    • Economical solution for spray parks

SPORTS FLOORING AND Color COating Elevate the game with high-performance flooring options 

SurePlay recognizes the role proper flooring plays in the performance and safety of athletes. Our sports court flooring is designed to provide excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries to ankle and knee joints, even during intense play involving running, jumping, pivoting, and cutting.

  • Modular Sports Flooring:
    • Versatile and durable interlocking tile system
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Quick and easy installation and removal
    • Ideal for multi-purpose sports facilities
  • Acrylic Color Coating:
    • Vibrant and long-lasting color options
    • Slip-resistant and weather-resistant surface
    • Enhances traction and playability
    • Suitable for tennis, basketball, and other sports courts

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